Giants Of The Sea: Ships & Men Who Changed The World




MONDAY, APRIL 26, 2021 at 2:00 PM ET




Industry veteran & author of "Giants Of The Sea: Ships & Men Who Changed The World" John D. McCown will discuss his recent book on Monday, April 26 at 2PM Eastern Time.  Thirty minute presentation followed by 15 minute Q&A 


“Giants Of The Sea: Ships & Men Who Changed The World” covers the history and development of the modern cargo shipping industry in 330 pages spread across 30 discrete chapters. 


The history of cargo shipping going back to the Egyptians moving obelisks by barge on the Nile is covered, but the focus is on the post-war revolution in shipping cost efficiency through specialization and geometric increases in vessel size.  With detailed information on what comprises each major shipping segment today, it also includes chapters on the nine men whose fingerprints are still all over the industry. Three Americans, two Danes, two Greeks and two Chinese. 


The modern worldwide cargo shipping industry stands on the shoulders of these giants.  The author, who worked on a daily basis for twenty years with Malcom McLean, the inventor of container shipping, demonstrates the direct link between the efficiency of the shipping industry and the explosion in world trade it has enabled.


 The book outlines how today’s shipping industry touches almost everyone on the planet in ways that they may not even be aware.


In addition to highlighting the industry’s contribution to the global economy, the book makes the case that it has been a prime catalyst in reducing poverty and even increasing peace around the world.





    John D. McCown
Co-Founder & Former Chairman & CEO –Trailer Bridge, Inc.
Author of "Giants Of The Sea: Ships & Men Who Changed The World"


The webinar will consist of a 30-minute expert discussion, which will be followed by a Q&A. This webinar will be archived and available for replay upon registration.

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