Our Mission

Our mission is to assist companies & organizations to:

  • Upgrade & systematize their flow of financial information to the international institutional investment community.
  • Improve their communication with current shareholders; Develop and maintain a shareholder base among international institutional investors, with primary focus on North America.
  • Provide them with investor feedback and market intelligence information.
  • Enhance their profile within the financial media & press.
  • Take advantage of favorable opportunities in the US and international capital markets through private placements and other transactions. To this effect together with our affiliates we provide financial advisory and investment banking services.

  • How we differ from competition

  • Our people have unique business credentials and background in the securities field providing them with unusual access to and understanding of the US investment community.
  • We have proven ability to understand and meet US investor expectations for quality of information and organization of events.
  • Also, we have in depth familiarity with the international markets thereby enabling us to serve foreign companies which want to access US investors.

  • We provide a vertically integrated range of IR services which assist public companies to meet regulatory disclosure requirements and investor demands for information.
  • Our services can also be provided on a modularized basis, so clients pick and pay only for what they need.
  • We are an IR firm with distinct technological capabilities enabling our clients to deliver their IR message in a modern, efficient and inexpensive manner.
  • We provide highly efficient, specialized and personalized service.

  • Our pricing compares favorably with that of the larger firms due to lower overhead.
  • Our operations are similar to that of an Investment Bank rather than a traditional Investor Relations firm.

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