The Reality of Real Estate Investing
Looking Beyond the Myths

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THURSDAY, JUNE 9, 2011 11:00 AM EDT


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The Reality of Real Estate Investing - Looking Beyond the Myths

Many investors have preconceived notions about Real Estate Investment Trusts or REITs. Cohen & Steers has developed a turnkey program to help you address five common myths with your clients, showing that adding REITs to a diversified portfolio may enhance returns over the long term, without increasing volatility.

Learn how to talk to your clients about the opportunities in commercial real estate.

You Will Learn

Featured speakers will address the realities of the five most common myths of real estate investing:

1. REITs invest in residential properties
2. Investments in real estate aren't liquid
3. Real estate performed poorly over the past decade
4. REIT bull markets are short cycles
5. REITs represent limited opportunity

Who Should Attend?

Broker-Dealers - Certified Financial Planners - Certified Trust and Financial Advisors - Financial Advisors - Financial Media - Financial Planners - Hedge Fund Mangers - Index Providers - Institutional Investors - Insurance Companies - Investment Consultants - Lawyers - Pension Fund Managers - Prime Brokers - Private Banks - Registered Investment Advisors

Featured Speakers:

Mr. Terrance Ober
Senior Vice President
Cohen & Steers

Terrance Ober, senior vice president, is the portfolio specialist for Cohen & Steers' investment portfolios. He has 21 years of industry experience. Prior to joining the firm in October 1998, Mr. Ober was a regional marketing director at WNC & Associates where he was responsible for distribution of real estate tax credit investments for the northeast region. He also worked for Boston Financial and Winthrop Financial, both Boston based real estate investment firms. Mr. Ober has a BS degree from Babson College. He is based in New York.

Mr. Anthony Ialeggio
Senior Vice President, Director of Global Marketing
Cohen & Steers

Anthony Ialeggio, senior vice president, is director of global marketing. He has 17 years of experience. Prior to joining the firm in 2010, Mr. Ialeggio was a managing director at Alliance Bernstein, where he served as the co-head of global marketing, developing and executing marketing initiatives for the firm. Previously, he was with GE Financial Assurance. Mr. Ialeggio has a BA degree from Tulane University. He is based in New York.

Introductory Remarks by: Mr. Nicolas Bornozis, President - Capital Link, Inc.

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The Global Real Estate Investing Webinar is organized by Capital Link, a New York-based Investor Relations and Financial Communications firm.

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